The most popular web hosting in the world

Bluehost is the biggest and the most popular web hosting provider in the world. The service was established in 1996 and now hosts over 2 million websites worldwide.The main page of Bluehost is visited over 13 million times monthly.

There are obvious reasons why Bluehost is so popular. First of all they offered the best WordPress hosting from the beginning  – all internet newbies had the chance to launch WordPress based website quick and easy (on the Internet there are plenty of tutorials how to start WordPress blog in… say 5 minutes). That’s also why Bluehost is still recommended web hosting by WordPress.

Another important thing is the way the operator approaches prospects and clients. Anybody, even not so tech savvy is able to understand and use the service at once. The easiness and intuitive Bluehost’s website was the real advantage from their beginning.

In case of any trouble, which should be really rare situation, you can expect help of experienced support team.

The proposal of Bluehost is general and universal. You will find there quite nice pricing, easy to use product, many add-ons and free offers (e.i. free domain for new plans). They focus on the mass global market so they offer the best product for that of us which demand typical, probably new one web site, easy to use and in good decent price product. As a starting blogger or generally Internet newbie you’ll be glad to start with Bluehost.





The most popular – shared web hosting plans from Bluehost

Bluehost means shared hosting and WordPress hosting plans. The range of web hosting plans offered by Bluehost is of course wider (the provide also: VPS hosting and dedicated hosting) but the clue of the business comes with shared plans and plans for WP.

Below you can compare Bluehost’s shared plans dedicated for the most popular use. According to Bluehost the most popular plan is named “plus” which normally cost 10,99$ – 6,95$ after reduction. Purchasing the plan you can host there max. 10 websites, you will also get decent conditions of your service in terms of space and traffic parameters. As a bonus you will get 1 free domain and marketing packet (mainly coupons for PPC campaigns and so one) worth 150$.

You can also choose basic or business pro plan.  In fact basic plan has limitation of one site so it’s good option for declared 1 website owners (say bloggers) with just 1 sites long term plans. The business pro has technical, performance and marketing add-ons advantage with some dollars per moth more however.

Probably for you too, the plus plan will the right option for your online start as a blogger or even entrepreneur. In case however you are serious blogger or company using WordPress as a platform of your online business you should rather choose dedicated WordPress plans specified in the next paragraph.


WordPress dedicated hosting plans

As a profi blogger o serious business runner using WordPress as a base of your business you should rather decide to take the best and the most dedicated options. Bluehost provides special, based on VPS technology WordPress plans. Choosing one of them you can be sure (as much how you can nowadays be sure of anything ;)) that your website has the best conditions of performance and support.

The WordPress plans are more expensive than simple shared ones but in return you get much more dedicated resources – as well technical as supporting ones.

Below you can find all the WordPress hosting plan offered by Bluehost.


Experience of Bluehost usage

After years of running the most popular web hosting service Bluehost is able to run the service in user friendly and intuitive way.

The core of account management is cPanel. If you are familiar with it you’ll be glad. If you had nothing to do with cPanel before no worries – it’s probably the most intuitive and easy to use tool to manage your web hosting account.

Moreover, Bluehost is so popular that you will find on the Internet plenty of tutorials tips and advice how to use, configure and tune it.

No doubt  Bluehost’s plans are the great options for the starting web business entrepreneurs but many of them stay with this provider also growing up with their business.

The most important arguments for and against using Bluehost

Talking about so popular provider you have to keep in mind we are now judging what is the most worth underlining.

In general you have to remember that as usual size matters. You can expect that purchasing Bluehost plan you will get the extremely tested, certain, reliable technology. Moreover you will get the most intuitive, easy to use product at least from average newbie point of view.

If only you are average user and have regular needs and have also regular one in the future you can stop making further research – Bluehost will be the best option, no need to maximize the choice, save your time and start your online business.


  • the most popular web hosting
  • recommended hosting for WordPress
  • excellent customer support
  • very reliable and stable
  • scalability


  • a bit higher pricing
  • lack of free trial
  • no windows servers

The highest score in our rank. Very good in several categories, the best in overall service level, support&education
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The highest score in our rank. Very good in several categories, the best in overall service level, support&education

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