How to run Future ready company with Constant Contact?

Business nowadays requires the best, most efficient and 100% scalable tools. We all have to rely on the best solutions otherwise our competitors win, not us…

Frankly, almost all businesses now have to change approach. The world goes global and that’s exactly what your prospect does. Doesn’t matter if you run a small bakery in India or THE silicon valley start-up. Your success depends on the best marketing tools. Moreover, it deserves it.

Be prepared for the new era of doing business

We still 20-70 years old and have 0-many years of experience in business. We believe so much in our best pracises that ofen are blind for the revolution that is just ahead of us. The next years will change completely the way we do business. Big data, new KPIs, re targeting and more will separate the losers from the winners

Just now all tactics and strategies stop working properly. They stop working for us slowly but surely.

What we should do first to be prepared for new rules of business

First of all we should do a list od our core activities connected to ours USP (Unique Selling Point). It could be for instance:

  • collecting ingredients and baking the best bread in a town
  • watching out and finding great opportunities for our investing in real estates clients
  • writing the best IOS apps code
  • manufacturing the best parts for 3D printers, and so on.

All others not connected directly with USP things we should rather out source. The sooner the better.

There is literally NO reason to, say: be our own accountant, translator or furniture manufacturer.

Another type of business activities is marketing, however.

What to do with marketing needs in small and middle company?

Small or middle business owner is on average not prepared to do proper marketing on his own. Regular everyday tools as MS Office or even Gmail are not enough to fight on very competitive market.

On the other hand, everybody who collaborated with an outside marketing agency knows how annoying and ineffective can it be.

So, what to do? Each business needs for sure proper marketing. Right! And that’s why we should be smart and choose outsourced but still managed by us platform.

Arguments for and against engaging professional marketing platform

Now, in the middle of 2017 r. talking about professional marketing platform we have in mind at least:

  1. Email marketing – yes! Old good email marketing is still the basic mean of marketing for all size companies. In fact it outperforms other ways of promotions in therms of sell-ability and loyalty maintaining
  2. Social Media marketing
  3. Local Events
  4. Pools
  5. Marketing automation

As you can see there are several groups of marketing tools. You can of course do what is necessary and important in terms of your business marketing yourself or purchase an access to an enhanced and fully equipped platform.

In fact, there is very few reasons to do it on our own. Leased solutions are better, more sophisticated, permanently developed, more stable etc. Some of

Some of entrepreneurs choose their own poor marketing tools because of the price of professional ones. In fact it’s weird because monthly payment for outsourced marketing complex set varies 15-50$ and that investment your business deserves for sure!

How to choose the best email marketing provider

Ok, you’ve made decision: you need professional email marketing platform. But what does it mean in details?

You have to know, that on the market is over 20-30 e-marketing solutions and at least several worths to be honestly recommended.

When you choose THE email marketing provider you do it for years, and that’s why it’s so important to do it properly from the beginning.

Imagine: you set up your email list, start collecting contacts, everything goes OK (we wish you that!) and after 1 year your business manages 10 000 precious email contacts of your clients and prospects. Because of any reason you have to (or you prefer to) change the current email marketing provider. Think about the:

  • waisted time and money for problems fixing
  • breaks in the visibility of your website and email forms
  • breaks in newsletter schedule
  • and many more

When you think about email marketing solution think for years and please assume the most important is: reliability, deliverability and scalability not exactly the lowest price.

Good e-marketing operators are:

  • big – the size matters in this case, believe us;) The bigger provider the bigger its infrastructure is, stress tests and so on
  • experienced – years spent by the operator on maintenance and development of the platform are precious in terms of worth that you purchase with the long term email marketing contract
  • reliable – your business depends on the platform power
  • affordable – actually cost of outsourced email marketing is rather low comparing to another business spending: 15-50$ per month on average
  • properly located and “indexed” –  location of servers, domain, headquarters of email marketing provider are important because decide on deliverability degree and spam/or not treatment by Google and other web search engines
  • English background – good or not English is a common language of business. Provider that is native with English gives you and your business serious advantages.

Why to choose Constant Contact?with Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the email marketing market leader, an international company with American background. This provider has been offering email marketing for 20 year for hundreds of thousands customers and that means they:

  • have the strongest, most tested infrastructure
  • made and fixed much more mistakes than others;)
  • offer more price efficient solution because the fixed cost is divided for huge number of clients
  • have much more feedback to improve the solution
  • as a market leader the launch most perspective features first
  • rather will take over others than an opposite

Main advantages of Constant Contact

One factor is crucial when it comes to email marketing: deliverability – how many of your sent emails goes directly to your clients/prospects email boxes.

Assuming your business operates 100 000 contacts and send to them just one emailing weekly – that means 156 thousand lost mails each year at deliverability ratio 97%. There is no chance to reach 100% degree but some providers give you 99% on average.

Deliverability of Constant Contact solution

According to independent, big data research Constant Contact offers exceptional on market 99% deliverability rate.

Not only deliverability matters however. Look at the other factors of good email marketing:

List of available features

When you are thinking on which email marketing provider you should bet the list of features counts. Constant Contact is one of the most experienced companies, besides market leader so they are able to deliver you everything needed to run a great e-marketing campaigns:

  • contact lists building and management
  • email marketing
  • newsletters
  • autoresponders
  • marketing automation
  • great templates and galleries
  • surveys and polls
  • Social Media campaigns
  • event marketing
  • coupons
  • local meetings

and many more (in fact the list increases each quarter).

with Contant Contact

Excellent (helpful&useful) support

There is a problem in business from time to time. The same about email marketing tools and providers.

Constant Contact is an industry standard when it comes to the right customer help and support. They deliver 24/7 email/phone support that really helps.

You can read comments available on-line to be sure customer support is VERY BIG advanage of Constant Contact.

Constant Contact

English background, global friendly

Constant Contact is based in the US – you don’t have to worry about proper English templates, notes and the communication overall.

They provide their service globally however. Not only from US servers but also from localized ones (ones of the last location of their business is India).

Free trial, special plans and billing issues

Business first step is much easier when you can make step back, too.

Constant Contact offers you free 60 days trial. Moreover, you can also ask money back if you are not glad of the service.

When you pay for 12 months in advance you will pay less than on monthly basis.

This provider has special (cheaper) plans for non-profits.

And much more

Constant Contact is a very experienced provider and no doubt: market leader. Google prefers such operators over smaller, younger and that come from emerging markets.

You can also be sure that in the Future they will launch new features before others.

E-mail marketing & more by Constant Contact

Bellow we’ll show you how to set  up an account at Constant Contact  and start using the platform.

How to start using Constant Contact?

Signing up

It’s simple and doesn’t take to much time. Visit the website: Constant Contact, fill up your email address, password, Name, Organization.

Then you’ll get email to confirm your address. Confirm please and you’ll see the invitation form:

Constant Contact

Constant Contact will ask you which marketing services and features you are interested the most.

First steps

The next sites are a short track of easy usage Constant Contact tools. Let’s start with:

  1. Setting up a contact list (type manually or much more covenient – import them)
  2. Finish filling up company data – for formal purposes (the sender of mass mailings has to be clear) and for marketing purposes (would you buy anything from unknown marketer?)
  3. First campaigns preparation



Constant Contact account dashboard

Here we go: Campaigns, Contacts, Reporting, List Growth Tools, Library.

Constant Contact


There is a quite long list of different types of campaigns available at Constant Contact:

  • emails, newsletters
  • events
  • coupons
  • marketing automation and more

Constant Contact

For instant, when we want to prepare coupons, we can see:


Very important thing! Because all operations on our account have as basis the contacts:



It’s a complex and very useful part of the dashboard. To appreciate reports we need at least hundreds of contacts.

List building tools

Constant Contact enables you building the list by:

  • your website or a blog (including WordPress plugins)
  • Facebook account and more


Libraries of graphics sources

Running a business and its marketing you need professional, nice and legal materials (photos, icons and so on).

Constant Contact is very enhancing here.

Constant Contact

Good and usefull revenew of graphics.



The set of available templates for emails and newsletters is really impressive!

Constant Contact

Wanna try yourself?

We are pretty sure that Constant Contact is the best available solution of email marketing. However you should rather try and test yourself that excellent platform.

There is a great chance for it in case this provider offers 60 day free try (no credit card required).

We wish you all the best and great results for your business!

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